A Miserable Podcast of Secrets 12 Feature - The Next Level

A Miserable Podcast of Secrets 12

Some People Just Aren't Trying

Article by Nick Vlamakis (Email)
February 18th 2012, 03:21AM

The crew tackles video game difficulty in this week's podcast. There are some minor audio difficulties with Nick's microphone (besides the fact that it was on), and the show starts out a little too laid back, but it all comes together beautifully.

For all listeners: novice to expert.

  • The only form of entertainment that hates you
  • Controllers grow more complicated, then simpler, then more complicated
  • Teaching a player to play without manuals or interruptions
  • Hey, Link! You can push that box you're about to push
  • A shortage of difficulty options
  • Bad ways to boost a a game's difficulty
  • Non-sexy cat girls and good difficulty boosts
  • Should characters start out with their most powerful abilities?
  • Are you being ripped off if you "can't" beat a game?
  • Interlude: Mega Man ice stage
  • Going back to games that frustrated you as a child
  • The risk in making a game too difficult
  • BioShock Infinite's 1999 mode
  • Bosses that could not actually be defeated
  • Sudden difficulty spikes in boss battles
  • Fitting a complicated game into a manageable control scheme
  • A "noob" and "pro" setting in every game
  • Risking your life to play Street Fighter II
  • Purposely avoiding games that are too easy
  • Micromanaging difficulty with AI sliders
  • Blocking off content to encourage people to play on hard
  • Games molding themselves to your skill and play style
  • Being tricked into easy mode
  • Ys I and II Chronicles (more later in the show)
  • Resident Evil's diversity and race relations
  • Aging FPSes
  • Being a heartless player in Hero Academy
  • Professional reviewers who are bad at games
  • Mzo's Mass Effect rant of the week

Jim Power: The Lost Dimension in 3D box art

A Miserable Podcast of Secrets

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Miserable Podcast of Secrets - Episode 12.


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