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Magicka 1-Year Anniversary

Celebrate with a new, free-to-play game.

Article by Brooke Janssens (Email)
January 27th 2012, 03:44PM

Happy 1-year anniversary to Magicka, the fantastical and comical indie game I had the pleasure of beginning my last year with. To date, the core game has sold 1.3 million copies, and the last expansion, Magicka: Vietnam, has sold over 500,000 copies. The download figure for the game's various DLC is also pretty impressive, with the count being at 4 million downloads!

In celebration of Magicka and its success, the dev team has conjured up a new, free-to-play, game: Magicka: The Confuse Spell. Yes, it is free, and it is in the game ready to play today. Never played Magicka before? Well, grab some friends (up to four people can play) and try out the demo, or you can give it a go yourself. In this game, I say the more the merrier, though.

Did you know Magicka was developed by eight university students in Sweden? I recall the nonsensical language in the game sounding similar to the Swedish Chef, and now I know why! Perhaps it also explains the Norse mythology influence and the many in-game references to other influential game titles!

The Confuse Spell isn't all the team at Arrowhead Game Studios has been working on. Scheduled to release this spring is a new expansion, Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin. Like the title implies, players gets a whole new experience playing in the role of Alucart and his minions, the Necromancers, rather than the robed wizards. In this expansion, Vlad has a plan to harmonize the tense relations between dwarves, elves, and humans, but who wants that? Explore new environments, gain new achievements, and meet new characters as you fight against the forces of good.

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